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Last nights BBQ shenanigans. :)

Bass*mint and zizza going back to back! #thelabflagstaff @flagstaffgreenroom

The day I saved a mans life.

Something happened last night and i’d like to share it with you. I’m still pretty shaken up and didn’t sleep much. Around 2am I was at work doing closing duties (lumberyard) in the beer garden. As per usual the rail road crossing arms came down and all the kids started trying to beat the train on both sides. I remember thinking to myself (here we go again) always worried when kids run trying to beat the train. Right as that thought crossed my mind a kid on his bike and an older gentleman were running in opposite directions and collided in the middle of the tracks. The young kid on his bike took off, but the older man laid on the floor in the middle of the tracks unconscious with a large gash on the back of his head. Saw the whole thing happen, emergency/panic mode kicked in and the only thought that crossed my mind was to help this man. Ran as fast as i could in front of the train onto the tracks, grabbed the man by his shoulder and pulled him out of the trains path. It was too close for comfort and was one of the most alarming moments of my life. If it were a few seconds later this man would have been ran over by the train in front of a crowd of kids. I thank god for giving me the strength and ability to see the event happen/run and grab the man in time/move him to safety. He was unconscious for around 5 minutes but eventually came to and was more than dazed asking what happened. I recognized him as he works at bookmans, going to give him a big hug next time i see him. Also to the person on the other shoulder, thank you. 

Last night was a blessing.